SWirls of Pearls Template and
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This design features Swirls of Crystal Pearls strung on shimmering 3mm WireLace which culminate into an elegant Alacarte Clasp. Learn a fast and easy technique for keeping multiple strands all the same length while layering and arranging an assortment of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS for even distribution.

PURCHASE THE TEMPLATE KIT only and create your own color combination. Or purchase the Template kit and choose our supplies kit in Candlelight or Silver Snow.

TEMPLATE KIT includes: Instructions, 4-pc pack of needles, Template board. SEE BELOW FOR 1mm and 3mm WireLace requirements.

SUPPLIES KIT includes:All supplies to make the bracelets pictured (without template).

TOOLS & GLUE NEEDED: scissors, ruler, scotch tape or clips, chain nose pliers, 2-part all purpose clear drying epoxy, G-S Hypo Cement, toothpicks for mixing epoxy, bamboo skewer.

Swirls of Pearls Bracelet

SUPPLIES for Swirls of Pearls Bracelet Kits

Includes all components to make bracelet. You must purchase Template separately.

Bracelet Color


Swirls of Pearls Kit

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Swirls of Pearls Silver Snow Kit

TEMPLATE for Swirls of Pearls design

Includes: 1 Template (select size) 4 Needles, instructions. Supplies NOT included.

Select template size:


Swirls of Pearls Template

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Swirls of Pearls Bracelet
Silver Snow
Swirls of Pearls Templates

Template sizes do not include the clasp which adds 1 inch to the finished length. To make the SWIRL, twist one revolution which will shorten the length 1/4 inch. Twist up to 3 revolutions to adjust the final length by about 3/4 inch.

6 inch Template + 1" CLASP = 7 inches
3mm WireLace 7 ft (84 inches)

7 inch Template + 1" clasp = 8 inches
3mm WireLace 7 1/2 ft (90 inches)

8 inch Template + 1" clasp = 9 inches
3mm WireLace 8 ft (96 inches)

1mm and 3mm WireLace colors
tested to fit through a SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 4mm bicone A.5328, using the fine weight needle.
1mm: all colors
3mm: black, brass, burgundy, copper, emerald, grass, marigold, merlot,
navy, olive, pale gold, pale silver, red, rust, turquoise.

3mm WireLace colors that do NOT fit through a 4mm bicone. Replace these colors by doubling 1mm WireLace (like when doubling thread to sew).
3mm: aqua, azure, blush, chocolate, cocoa, dusty rose, lilac, pink, purple,
rose gold, seafoam, silver blue, tangerine, tanzanite, titanium

IMPORTANT: We do NOT recommend ONE strand of 1mm as has about a 3 lb test strength. Variations in hole sizes and mesh may occur and should be tested to ensure the desired effect can be achieved.



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